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The Complete Holiday Gift Guide for our Fitness Girls

Has the hype of all these Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals got you like Buddy the Elf about to see Santa… yeah. Thought so. 

The only bad news is that while I’ve been on my couch or laying in my bed online shopping I’ve also been enjoying myself traveling and stuffing my happy Thanksgiving face off!!! 

Yeah don’t judge…. I’m not proud.  

But it’s time to get back in shape before I fall for the dreaded New Years Resolution.   I’d like to beat him to the punch.  Not this year sir!


Thankfully we’ve HOOKED y’all up with some amazing gift guide offers!  These yoga pants are my jam!  The perfect motivation to get my butt back in the gym and yoga studio!  I mean how else am I going to fit in all my new clothes? 

Holiday Gift Guide for your Fitness Golden Girls

Zions Den Yoga Pants  // Stand Up Paddleboard ($200 off) // Boxing Gloves // Sports Bra // Tank Top // Workout Waist Wrap // GoPro // Yoga Mat // Fitness Ball // Infuser Water Bottle // Running Belt // Womens Cruiser 


Happy Shopping! Let me know what is your fav or what you’re asking for!  I want to try paddle boarding next year so I think that’ll be on my list!

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