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Guess who is getting married!!!!

If you guessed me you guessed wrong! hahahaha  But now that you’re here stay awhile..
Because …. one of my most cutest little long long college friends is getting mar-raid…. ermagerd…. 
Y’all probably already know her since she’s a famous blogger over at
First she asked me to be her Bridesmaid in the cutest little way… by leaving this gem at my doorstep.

So then of course we had to throw her a super fun and cute couples engagement party!!! There was lots of food, friends, games and even a “His and Hers” side with appropriate themed food and name confetti! 


the gorg bride to be in the middle… well two brides to be actually because both of my friends here are engaged!! 
The Shoe Game

I loved this game.  It was so much fun!  Have any of y’all ever played?  Basically you ask 20 questions like “who is neater? who is the better driver?  who do you love more than anyone?” and you raise either your shoe or his shoe.  Get it?  Anyways, so fun to watch and not a lot of pressure for them so it was cute.

The Bridesmaids 

and yes we even played beer pong with themed beer pong “his and hers” cups 

Cheers to the happy couple!  Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

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