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Father’s Day Shenanigans

I had a great weekend with friends, family, and my little Hartley pup!

I even hit 500 followers this weekend via GFC and bloglovin!!!


Thanks so much to all my blog friends!

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So what did I do this weekend?
It looked a little something like this….
date night Friday, cleaned house and rearranged furniture Sat, shenanigans Sat night, and daddy’s day on Sunday!
Did a little shopping getting ready for the 4th!
Hippy Headband… check!
thank you Party City children’s necklace…
Finally got my fav jacket in… I saw it on another blog and had to order it and let me tell you
I’m obsessed!
it’s amazing

Repainted a bathroom

and added some new birch sticks

added a new rug in the dining room also from West Elm
Changed my curtains… trying to decide… I went with the new Tali printed ones from West Elm.
had a nice little wine night with my abs fav wine EVER! I ordered a case and was so excited when it arrived!

Went out that night…

and woke up like this….
wishing i could just put on a make up mask

Then headed over to the parentals house to celebrate Father’s Day!

Hartley loves her car rides and visiting my parents… mainly because they spoil her! 

I could watch this forever… mainly because I love when her little ear flaps in the wind… so cute.

My dad loves cigars so I got him some custom made cigars here from Fifth Down Cigar.
They are ALABAMA cigars! Roll Tide! 
They say 15 National Championships and #1 Dad with houndstooth, crimson, and black!
I love them and he was so impressed!
Fifth Down did a great job and the shipping was fast!
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