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DIY: Our First Place

I obvi got the idea for this from pinterest and when I saw it I couldn’t resist.  This is the perfect gift or sweet little reminder of the first home you and your partner/bf/gf/hubby share! The perfect DIY as a reminder of our first place!
What you need:
Shadow box 
Background fabric/paper
Glue / Scissors
So I laid out 3 choices to pick from….
herringbone with red glitter heart (I created that at the last minute) the rectangle was getting a little boring
black leather with burlap 
silver glitter with red glitter ribbon
Which would you have picked?
If you haven’t guessed by now I obviously picked the first one!
Glue it into a black shadowbox from Michaels and voila!  You can even add a white border around the red glitter heart that says the date you moved in together (to personalize it even more) and “Our First Place” on the right side of the heart.  LOVE IT!
On the back you can write a sweet little poem/quote:
“A House is made of 
bricks and beams
a Home is made of 
Love & Dreams.”
(your names here + city, state)
Such a fun little project and sweet surprise for the bf! #DIYGold