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Dear America: St.Patrick’s Day, You’re Doing It Wrong

Clearly St.Patrick’s Day brings out the winners… 
and we use this “holiday” as an excuse to eat Lucky Charms, drink green beer, for men to wear kilts, dye a river green, and start drinking Guinness at 9am.  
But guess what America, you’re doing it wrong.  
Here are some fun facts for you because everything you know is wrong.
1. St.Patrick was not Irish
2. St.Patrick is known for driving the snakes from Ireland.  Well Ireland never had snakes – it’s too cold.
3. Christians wear shamrocks to show their Christian pride but real “Shamrocks” don’t exist.  The shamrock isn’t the symbol of Ireland it’s the harp.
4. St.Patricks Day parades started in America but March 17th is the day St.Patrick died (so you’re celebrating his death you a##hole)
5. Corned beef and cabbage is not an Irish meal
6. St.Patrick’s color is blue NOT green.
7. St.Patrick’s Day used to be a dry holiday.
(let’s end on 7 huh… since 7 is a lucky number) 

Anyways, regardless of the blatant disregard for actual history and tradition of Ireland, even being half Irish, I joined in on the festivities this past weekend….

that’s a lot of green

love the Atlanta skyline 

Whitney’s koozie came in handy this weekend!  via IWYP thanks girl!

some amazing t-shirts that were found and captured!
yeah shit got weird

random sign, random stranger, random shirt, totally normal


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