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Join the #VGBsquad and contribute to the blog!

Interested in becoming a bestie? Want to join the squad? We’d love to have you! We have over 25 girls from all over the globe that contribute articles to Verbal Gold! If you’re interested in contributing please join the Facebook Group here and contact us below!

What we’re looking for:

As for what we’re looking for in a contributor, I’d like to have writers who have really found their voice. The articles I have in mind are editorial/magazine style and will be “easy reading”/entertaining/conversational in nature, while still providing quality information. Sass and humor are always a plus! Witty articles are always fun to read!

Whether or not you want to be a regular contributor or just submit a piece once in a while, I’m happy to have you! I hope that contributing for Verbal Gold Blog will be a great place for some of you to get traffic to your site, social media channels, and to help promote your business.

Help people find your blog:

Verbal Gold Blog provides a platform to put your content in front of a large audience. In your guest post, we link to the website and social networks of the author on every story we publish so that our readers can easily find and follow your blog, helping to grow your following and connecting you with our audience.

We’re currently only accepting guest posts from female travelers. For all commercial inquires, please contact us at [email protected] for partnership opportunities.

Types of content we’re looking for:


  • City and destination guides
  • Itineraries (printable)
  • Top 10 things to see
  • Weekend guides
  • Girlfriend getaways
  • Mother-daughter getaways
  • Couple travel
  • Single / Solo travel
  • Roadtrips
  • Luxury travel
  • Eco travel
  • Foodie’s guide
  • Most Instagrammable places
  • Festival guides
  • Top places to eat
  • Roundup posts // Top 3 places to visit in the Summer  etc.
  • Top Activities / What to do
  • What to pack
  • Best cameras
  • Last minute travel tips
  • Best air travel hacks
  • Where to stay
  • What to wear
  • Packing guide
  • Best travel apps/podcasts
  • Booking guides
  • Travel hacks and advice
  • Best airlines
  • How to stay fit while traveling


  • Recipes
  • Fitness
  • Health + Wellness
  • Interviews
  • Current Events
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle
  • DIY
  • Fashion & Trends
  • Beauty
  • Entertaining
  • Home
  • Decor
  • Lists

We also welcome your articles not on this list that you think may be a good fit.



Verbal Gold Blog is a bestie lifestyle and award winning travel blog. All the content on the blog is written by the VGB team and our female contributors on the squad. The purpose of the blog is to give women of all shapes and sizes a place to share their life, stories, tips, travels and inspire others!As such we do not charge contributors to be featured on our blog (and social media). We do charge a fee for brand or destination promotions and backlinks into existing articles. If you represent a brand or are submitting an article specifically promoting a brand, destination, hotel or tour company that you are affiliated with please email [email protected] to discuss pricing before submitting your content. Please note we currently do not accept any unpaid promotion or collaboration requests. Link adds and promotional blog posts begin at USD $250, if you do not have a budget please get back in touch with us when you do.

Follow All Below Guidelines Before Submitting:


  • Do not submit duplicate content. Please submit new, original content or a story from your blog that you have completely re-written for Verbal Gold Blog. We do not publish duplicate content, duplicate content affects both our site and your site (and / or the other site it is published on) negatively in Google rankings. If your story is published and you subsequently publish the same article on your blog or elsewhere, we will remove the article and we will not be able to publish from you again in the future if you knowingly published the same content in multiple places.
  • Post inappropriate content (suggestive, spam, violent… etc)
  • Plagiarize. You may share content from another source by writing a brief summary of the content and linking back to the original article or photo essay.
  • Submit random press releases.
  • Reach out to brands as a representative of Verbal Gold Blog on your own.

2. Article Guidelines

  • Your article should be at least 600-1,000+ words but our preference is for articles to be between 1,500 and 2,000.
  • Please keep your article between 8 – 15 paragraphs with 3-6 paragraph sentences.
  • Include relevant titles and sub headings.
  • Please include relevant links for restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions in your post. We will not consider your story for publication if you do not include links.
  • Please add a link to your story by including it after the word(s) you want to link. Example: I write for Verbal Gold Blog (
  • Please check spelling/grammar before you submit.
  • Please be sure to cite your references if applicable. Make sure you have proper permissions and credits noted.

3. Edits

We reserve the right to make edits to your article to improve structure, language, grammar, SEO, required links, additional useful information and images if your images are not the required quality for our site. We also reserve the right to include at our discretion affiliate links and ads within the article. We reserve the right to make edits to your article and / or to remove your article from our site at a future date should we see a reason to do so without notification.

4. More Information

By submitting your article and photos you are not considered an employee of Verbal Gold Blog and should not represent yourself as such. Verbal Gold Blog does not pay for contributor posts.

5. Publishing

Verbal Gold Blog reserves the right to publish your article. Articles can take up to one month to be published so please do not email asking for status updates as it will only slow down the process. You will not be notified when the article is published so please check for your article. Please promote and share your published article once it’s live!

We will not publish dedicated reviews for a brand, destination or hotel that you have secured a collaboration with. If you are a brand, destination or hotel, please email us to discuss our charges for promotions [email protected]. Brands / Hotels / Destinations – please note you will only ever be approached by the founder Ady. If you are contacted by anyone else please inform us by emailing [email protected]

6. Photos

  • Please submit 1 copyright free high quality / high res photograph per paragraph and 1 additional featured image.
  • Horizontal images are preferred. (MAX 5 images)
  • Include at least one high-resolution photo that has you in it, in the style of the Verbal Gold Blog Instagram page.
  • VGB might use an alternate featured image and / or source images for your article if the images provided are not the quality we require.
  • Please only submit photos you own the rights to.
  • Include one Pinterest image. A vertical image with text overlay including the title of the blog post and small at the bottom. Please see VGB Pinterest travel boards for ideas.
  • We recommend using Canva for creating Pinterest images.


Have questions? Email us: [email protected] with the subject ARTICLE SUBMISSION.



Complete the submission form below to share your travel story today!


    What’s next:

    If we choose your article, you’ll be invited as a WordPress author so make sure you have a short author biography, a high quality photo of yourself, and your website link/social media handles so that people know where to find you after reading your fabulous articles!  If you’re already signed up with wordpress that’s a plus!

    Once your first article is published on Verbal Gold you’ll have access to be able to submit articles directly to VGB WordPress where you can draft your next article. When it’s ready to be published simply hit “save as pending” for VGB to review.



    Thanks so much!