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Chicago… the windy city for the weekend!

So I got stuck sitting next to a 300 pound man that severely invaded my personal space and I was thinking about switching seats but then I had this thought….
and didn’t want to risk it.
Stepping off the plane to Chicago…
Which is exactly what I did. My work was having a rooftop happy hour event to show our appreciation for some of our favorite clients!
We had a banging view… and a great set up!  The rooftop deck was AMAZING!

The outhouse aka rooftop potty area was decorated so hysterically! With ken and barbie! 

It was a mobile, margaritas, and mustaches party so margs and mustaches were on tap! 

Party favors and musical instruments! 

I even learned some new ways to do a keg stand with a dress on…. but unfortunately didn’t take him up on the offer to look like a gremlin.

Love the people I work with! 

I even got to play DJ and share some of my sweet ATL jams! 

The next night I stayed with a friend in what the cab driver explained to me was the “yuppy area”

but I don’t care what he said because her view was AMAZING!!!
check out those windows!
I did a little shopping… of course… thank you Akira Chicago!
mid finger ring
sweet new bag

awesome new sweat shirt that can be worn like shown above or in the front with a graphic t under

I love these mustache pumps but unfortunately didn’t get them…
I got these neon sandals instead!

Then we went exploring a little…
I got to see an old friend and college room mate of mine!!
I got to experience the world famous hostile hotdog stand 
known as the
Wieners Circle
and if you have never heard of it you 
just don’t ask for the chocolate milkshake…

This is the type of stuff that goes down at the Wiener Circle… The Booty Walk
We tried to hit up McDonalds late night but unfortunately you have to have a car… not cool.
But we grabbed a cab and rode through. Take 2. We win!

My last day I was a total tourist and hit up the bean!

holding up the Bean… that thing was heavy! 

holding up the bean..

It was pretty awesome because the Wells Street Art Festival was going on too so I got to meet up with some friends and experience more of Chicago! 

I had so much fun.  I absolutely loved Chicago!!! 
I am going back soon so If you’re from there or have been leave me a comment with some fun stuff to do next time!  
and I know I know I ran out of time but a Cubs game is on the list!