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BREAKING! There are Singles in America!

Hey Ya’ll!  Welcome back!!… or thanks for continuing to read along (because let’s face it you never left the blog). Anyways, as I am sure you are well aware today is Valentine’s Day. The world really does not let you forget about this Holiday, be it that you should be SO in love or SO lonely. Well if you are currently finding yourself the latter this Holiday season, I am here to perk up your day with some tips about online dating. Which Just as an FYI I have met ALL of my significant others from dating online in the past several years and honestly don’t know how people meet one another any other way at this point! – if you haven’t please share in the comments how you are doing it, I am actually curious!


Last week (Yes, THE MATCH.COM!!!) held a web event which I was so honored to attend.  The event was called Singles in America and was based upon a study that Match conducted of over 5500 singles, discussing likes/dislikes of how they date online and with technology. Once you are don’t reading my cliff notes version you should go check out the web event for yourself here. There was honestly so much information in such a short event I highly encourage you all to take it in for yourself and see what resonates with you! Write us back and let us know what stuck out as an important take away for you.


Now, who doesn’t “date” with technology these days? Cell phone, email, and dating apps…. Gone are the days of hand written letters delivered via courier pigeons. To some of that I say good riddance. I don’t want to wait around for MONTHS to find out if a guy would like to take me out or not. (Though I do love mail that isn’t a credit card solicitation and who wouldn’t like a bird to drop stuff off at your house, Like ah-MAZING, sure beats my shitty mailman, but I digress) When it comes to dating, I want results NOW!  #amiright?


The Quick and Dirty Fact Time
  1. 31% of U.S. singles met their last first date online
  2. A Social Media Activity that turns off both of the
    sexes, displaying too many selfies (46% men; 65% women).
  3. Texting turn offs include
    • Misspellings/ Incorrect Grammar ( so please do a proof
      read or draft first)
    • Shot responses ( I don’t think this means send a
      novel, I think it’s referring to “K”, “yea”…etc.
      unengaging answers).
    • Receiving the 2nd text until after they have responded
      to the first. ( listen to your inner self on this one, when it’s telling
      you don’t send that next text… don’t)
  4. People according to this Singles in America Survey
    expect a speedy response time.
Fact number 4 above is what brings me into what I really wanted to discuss, I obviously liked everything about the web event, but the one statistic that stuck out the most to me was people expecting responses from one another so quickly. – ha. I thought it was just me! The statistic I found to be most useful to me was “Men want a faster connection than women – 30% of single men expect this immediate response compared to 26% of single women” I feel this should dispel any rumor still out there that the “waiting” game is the game to be playing. Think about the crazy busy life you live <yea you are thinking…and agreeing with me> guess what he lives a crazy busy life too! So with crazy busy lives and quite frankly with potential dates in the palm of men’s hands why not respond quickly to someone that has caught your eye? I feel as though waiting causes you to get lost in the shuffle of life. The large take-away is, if he’s calling/texting he’s interested and you should feel confident and respond. He’s done the hard part, so write him back.



you should take away, online dating is for everyone (yes you),the web event was
amazing please watch and it’s highly encouraged to respond in a timely manner
to men, and  of course Happy Valentine’s Day!
feel free to tell us all about your best or worst (preferably worst
obviously) online dates.



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