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1 Broke Girl Takes Over

Hey Hey Hey guess what!!! I have a new guest taking over my blog today and y’all should all go check her out!! Natasha has an amazing blog called 1 Broke Girl -truly inspirational to follow along in her weight loss journey!  
1. How did you come up with the title for your blog?
Not surprisingly 2 broke girls is one of my favourite TV shows and (almost) every episode I watched I found myself giggling along with how close to my life it was. I am really one broke girl (in a sea of many) and it’s kind of what I’ve started to be known for.
2. Where are you from?
I’m from Sunny Western Australia – specifically Doubleview which is in the North of the city (or as we call it here – North of the River). Shark attack capital of the world (so I’ve heard).
3. Favourite Quote?
Eat Glitter for breakfast and sparkle all day
4. Why did you start a blog?
I was in procrastination station, reading some of my favourite blogs like ‘Hey Natalie Jean’ and ‘Rockstar Diaries’ (now Love Taza) and I was like ‘Hey I can do that’ and so I did.
5. Where do you get your insparation for blogging?
I really enjoy writing about life – hence my slogan ‘a blog about life’. But seriously though, sometimes stuff just happens and you’re left being like What? and so I write about it. Lately I’ve been finding alot of insparation in Weightloss / fittness that sort of thing – probably has something to do with losing 40kilos in 7 months. Also, Pinterest is an addiction that makes me want to be more organised, stylish and eat better food – therefore whenever something gets pinned and tried, it goes straight on the blog.
6. 5 Random facts about me:
– I had 80% of my stomach cut out in July 2013
– I am a member of a Catholic Covenant Community called ‘Disciples of Jesus’
– I can only manage one glass of wine before I’m well on my way
– Even just looking at glitter makes me happy on the inside
– I’m going to be a qualified teacher in September 2014

I hope y’all enjoyed getting to know her as much as I have! Now go say hi and show her some love! 🙂 

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