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Interested in becoming a bestie? We’d love to have you! We have over 25 girls from all over the globe that contribute articles to Verbal Gold! If you’re interested in contributing please join the Facebook Group here and contact us below!


What we’re looking for:

As for what we’re looking for in a contributor, I’d like to have writers who have really found their voice. The articles I have in mind are editorial/magazine style and will be “easy reading”/entertaining/conversational in nature, while still providing quality information. Sass and humor are always a plus! Witty articles are always fun to read!

Whether or not you want to be a regular contributor or just submit a piece once in a while, I’m happy to have you! I hope that contributing for Verbal Gold Blog will be a great place for some of you to get traffic to your site, social media channels, and to help promote your business. So make sure you have a short author biography, a high quality photo of yourself, and your website link/social media handles so that people know where to find you after reading your fabulous articles!  If you’re already signed up with wordpress that’s a plus!

If you currently have a blog or a place I can view your writing, please share your info so we can all get to know each other!

Here’s a list of topics we’re looking for:

– Recipes
– Fitness
– City Travel Guides
– Travel Tips
– Editorials
– Current Events
– Photography
– Lifestyle
– Fashion & Trends
– Beauty
– Entertaining

Articles should be anywhere between 300-1000 words, with 500 being the magic number (but don’t worry if you have less or more). Relevant photos would be GREAT to have included with your piece. Photos should be high quality and at least 600 pixels wide. I typically use Canva for my hero cover images in the pinterest size.  Please be sure to cite your references if applicable. Make sure you have proper permissions and credits noted when using others images.  Including google images.  It is important to always credit the work.

Please don’t submit an article that has already been published elsewhere.

**Videos for youtube are also welcome! We’d love to grow with you!

Thanks so much!



atlanta bloggers
Photo by Six Hearts Photography