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Why Eating at Restaurant Château Eza is a Must!


The photos alone are enough to inspire you to visit Eze! As if you need any more reasons to visit Eze, number two on my list was Restaurant Chateau Eza. Château Eza hotel offers a Michelin star gourmet restaurant serving à la carte French and Mediterranean cuisine against the stunning…

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Top 7 Places To Eat in Vail


We’ve already told you what to pack and what to do in Vail so now let’s talk about food. I mean, the exercise you get with the activities really builds up an appetite so we narrowed down our favorite food options to our top 7 picks. Top 7 Restaurants to…

How To Drink Alone in Atlanta


I thought this might be appropriate for today…. and because it’s called a “lost art” makes me feel a lot better! hah Enjoying a libation and a little solitude: it’s a lost art that, when done correctly, can be a rather pleasant way to spend an hour or two—and doesn’t always have to…



  On a recent trip to Boston, I had some of the best dinners!  Whether you’re visiting or you live there, these places are so great you have to try them! 1. Old Creek Oyster Bar This restaurant has become a tradition when visiting Boston. It has the best oysters…



Atlanta has become such a hot spot for trendy, new restaurants and I love it! My favorite thing to do is order a bunch of different dishes and share with the table. You get to try a little bit of everything. Here is a breakdown of some of the local…

Clown or Crown? The McWhopper Proposal for Peace


Y’all! I’m in advertising (you know, my real job) and even this surprised me! Burger King made a big play launching a website and taking out a full page ad on several major newspapers to get McDonald’s attention. Why you ask? They published a public proposal, “The McWhopper Proposal,” directed…