scalloped potatoes

Classic Parmesan Scalloped Potato Recipe


via Southern Living didn’t disappoint with this simple and delicious scalloped potato recipe. Now that I know how easy it is to whip up some scalloped potatoes, instead of randomly grabbing the boxed version I’ll be making it more often (sorry hips).  The best part about this side dish is that it…

carrageenan food science

What is Carrageenan?


There is  a lot of misinformation about carrageenan floating around. I want to inform y’all about the truths with some sound science and share one of my favorite drink recipes.  Science in food is important and right now there is a focus on the ingredient carrageenan. So what is carrageenan?…

Chick-fil-A Cole Slaw Recipe


Chick-fil-A cole slaw was one of those things people in the South would buy in bulk and try to pass off as their own.  It was that good.  As they say, gone but never forgotten.  Thanks to Chick-fil-A for sharing their cole slaw recipe they’ve kept secret for 49 years….

3 Drinks to Irish Up Your St. Paddy’s Day Weekend!


Sláinte = Irish/Gaelic word for “Good Health!” (equivalent to CHEERS!)  St. Patrick’s Day is full of history and cool facts, but let’s be honest, it’s really the festivities we like to partake in most. Here are 3 St. Paddy’s Day drink variations that are not only tasty, but will also…

{Green} Irish Car Bomb Drink Recipe


    My personal favorite shot/bomb/shooter, and definitely my favorite St. Paddy’s and Irish drink! The Irish Car bomb is amazing for many reasons:    1 – You can bring a ton of people together by the fun and competitive aspect.    2 – These can be enjoyed for St….

Irish Mule Drink Recipe


  *pin me*   Do we have any fans of Moscow Mule’s? ( insert hand raising emoji girl )     This Irish whiskey take on the Moscow Mule will give you that Irish smokiness while still having the sweet, gingery, bubbly and citrusy Mule taste we all love!     I’m…