5 Surprising Things That Benefit Your Health


How wonderful life would be if we could survive solely on alcohol, junk food, and bad habits?! Well, we have good news for all those who enjoy things that are conventionally considered unhealthy. i.e. All the people in the world! As recent studies have concluded that certain unhealthy habits we occasionally enjoy…

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Motivational Monday Playlist 2


Happy Monday! A brand new week means we have some fresh tunes to get you through your workouts! Check out the playlist below for some upbeat jams to help you burn off all the extra holiday treats you’ve been sneaking. We complied a playlist that is about an hour long to make your workout go faster…

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Motivational Monday Playlist 1


Happy Monday! We’re going to start posting workout playlists on Mondays to give you some Monday Motivation, and some new tunes to workout to. Whether it’s running, yoga, biking, spin, you name it. Here’s one of my yoga sculpt playlists I use in my class at CorePower – it starts…

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3 awesome products to help you stay healthy on the go!


I have been compensated by Sundown Naturals® and Pollinate Media Group for this post as part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sundown Naturals® but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GoodnessGiveaway #sharethegoodness     I have been traveling nonstop for work…

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How to Lead a More Mindful Life


Thank you, Spire for sponsoring this post. Discover calm and live a more mindful life by checking out the Spire Mindfulness + Activity Tracker, available in Apple Retail stores nationwide and online here. Between work, family, friends and whatever else you sign yourself up for, life can get overwhelming. And…

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What is Carrageenan?


There is  a lot of misinformation about carrageenan floating around. I want to inform y’all about the truths with some sound science and share one of my favorite drink recipes.  Science in food is important and right now there is a focus on the ingredient carrageenan. So what is carrageenan?…

With My Busy Life, Who Has Time To Eat Healthy?


I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of skipping a lunch or dinner every now. We simply don’t have enough time to grab something and that deadline is right around the corner! If you’re like me in these situations, I reach for the Snickers bar or the leftover cake from Suzzie…