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For starters, we only speak Verbal Gold!

Get to know the girls behind the blog!  Click on the names below to find out more about us.

photo by Six Hearts Photography
Ady // @adyrol // Founder & Editor-in-Chief 
HQ: Atlanta, Georgia  

photo by Six Hearts Photography
I love love love traveling, hosting parties and events, anything gold or glitter, throwing confetti, and champagne showers! Hah -basically making a mess! #sorrynotsorry There’s more “if you really knew me” here
I have the best girl #squad and love them so much I decided to open up my blog to my friends!! 👭👭 Yes there’s a lot of us but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Because what’s life without friends so what’s a lifestyle blog without your Golden Girls! 

I think the blog should represent real life and my life is filled with my best friends… my squad, my girl gang, my golden girls if you will.  So that’s what VGB does.  It includes people. What’s better than a group of girl bosses telling you about their fabulous life (and fabulous fails in life) with things like where to eat, live, work out, hang, shop, and travel all from multiple perspectives all over the world but in one location.  Just like in real life when you go somewhere to ask your friends opinion. We’re here for you.

photo by Jennifer Oetting Photography
Since we love our friends so much I hope you decide to stay and get to know us! Would love to meet all you lovelies (or what we like to call Goldie Foxes) too!!! Our team is spread across the US, UK, Australia, and Ireland!

Meet The #VGBsquad


Lo // @ponkielonkie // Editor

Huntsville, Alabama

Lindsay // @klwilson09 // Staff Writer 
Atlanta, Georgia
Katherine // @justcallmeginger // Make Up Artist and Staff Writer
Atlanta, GA

Jennifer Oetting Dooley // @mrsdooleyface  // Photographer and Staff Writer
Birmingham, Alabama
Ali Patton // @alipatt10 // Travel Staff Writer
Atlanta, GA // Birmingham, AL

Alex // @Alexandramarie48 // Yoga Instructor and Staff Writer
Atlanta, Georgia
Kelly // @kblackalicious
Seattle, Washington
Drew & Claire // @drew_anne_loudermilch & @claireloudermilch
Charlotte, North Carolina
Rebekah // @chtrbx6 // Intern Director
Atlanta, Georgia

Jordan // @joklee
Reading, Pennsylvania

Manchester, England, UK
 Sam // @samanthaoswald
Manchester, England, UK
Taylor // @taylorlmoore_
Sydney, Australia
Boh (pronounced like Bow) // @blackandwhiteinsider
Melbourne, Australia
Sibeal // @sibealbird
Dublin, Ireland
Kristina // @kshep04
Manhattan, New York
Megan // @MakeupbyMeganH 
San Francisco, California
Dallas, Texas

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Hartley Bear

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email: verbalgoldblog@gmail.com


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Covering the Food and Wine Festival in Miami
Alex, Katherine, Ady, Lindsay
photo by Jennifer Oetting Photography
Liv nightclub in Southbeach, Miami
Katherine, Ady
Miami crusin’
Lindsay, Alex, Katherine
Cake fight
Lauren, Lindsay, Ady
Mullet Toss for Ady’s Dirty 30
Lindsay, Ady, Lauren
   Ady and Bekah celebrating B’s Birthday
at the Taylor Swift 1989 tour
Ady, Lori
NC + ATL girls exploring Atlanta and threw a Slumber party like a boss event
Alex, Ady, Claire, Lindsay, Drew
Alex, Lindsay, Ady
photo by Six Hearts Photography
in NYC during our stay at The Plaza for NYFW
Ady, Kristina
photo by Jennifer Oetting Photography
Alex, Ady, Lindsay
photo by Six Hearts Photography
Claire, Drew
Overlooking the Grand Canyon
Asha, Sam
Blackout in Charlotte, NC
Claire, Asha, Sam
Traveling Europe
Taylor, Sam
Cashiers, NC
Claire, Sam, Asha
Asha, Elvis, Sam
Zoo in Charlotte, NC
Sam, Asha
parading around SF for Bay to Breakers
Ady, Kelly