Did you have a fun weekend?  I bet… but I’m sure your skin doesn’t like you too much.  Did you have one of those nights where you face planted on your bed face down in all your clothes and makeup?  Yeah I know you – so listen up princess.  Your skin hates you right now and what I’m about to tell you will save your day so you don’t look like the wicked witch of the west and by west I mean dusty arizona sand blowing super dry west!  

I recently had the awesome opportunity to try several products from the Pink Papaya line and I can’t wait to share them with y’all!   


“Super-food” for the skin, this 100% natural mask is rich in anti-oxidants that detoxify without over-drying.  The blend of extracts, clays and oils help balance, tone, moisturize and detoxify skin, leaving completion dewy and youthful.

So I’m kinda digging this mask right now.  I had a long night of drinking last night and really needed a pick me up for my skin and a little detox.  This mask totally hit the spot.  Most of the masks I have are harsh.  They tingle and tighten and are super drying.  This mask was so different than anything I’ve ever tried.  It went on like lotion almost.  Super moisturizing.  Its not harsh, it doesn’t tingle, it’s very gentle.  When it dried it didn’t flake off my face or get super tight.  It dried like clay but still kept the moisture.  Really cool.  My face is so soft right now.  It’s the serious renewal that I needed! 

So thank you Heather!  I definitely recommend checking out all her amazing skin care products HERE

You can find them on Facebook HERE!

About Pink Papaya Products:

Pink Papaya offers high quality skincare, cosmetics, and bath and body products.  Our products are made in the USA with no animal testing and we have many paraben-free options.  Most of our products have natural botanical ingredients, so you can be confident with what you are putting on to your skin. 
*Every month, Pink Papaya has free gift specials if you order $60 or $100 worth of product. 

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