Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Biggest Giveaway Yet

Well Well Well... It looks like another weekend is over and it's Monday again.
Although some of you probably don't have to go to work today...

But I have some good news.  I'm doing a HUGE Giveaway with 9 other wonderful ladies!
See the details below.

In the mean time, I'm linking up for Motivational Monday and Weekend Shenanigans to catch y'all up to speed on what I've been up to!

I figure everyone needs a little motivation right?

I don't think I will ever look model thin like that ... BUT I can always work it down my own aisle!

Eating Lunch with the Fam! Yum Yum Yum! Southern style veggies! 

Oysters for Mardi Gras and a group pic with the Chelster

Playing CORN HOLE at Red Brick Brewery! 

My cousins 21st Birthday!!! 

ah she's growing up!
*and I'm not 30.... 27 but still get this same feeling!

Yummy Dinner Date with the bf. 
Chicken Kabobs and Bacon Brussel Sprouts
*Cook bacon and break over brussel sprouts 
* Cook brussel sprouts in wok pan with chicken stock until desired tenderness 

I'm so excited to join these amazing ladies in this HUGE Giveaway! 

If you have a business, blog, or website that you want to grow, you do not want to miss this! 
One lucky winner will be featured on 9 different blogs for one whole month!
That's a total of over

*** 90,000 MONTHLY VIEWS ***


  1. I couldn't agree more with the dress up quote!! So true. Thanks for linking up with me sweet girl. I hope you have a great week

  2. I am in love with that kate spade quote!! I could totally maybe be in the dove campaign but definitely not in the Victoria secret one :( YOu look like you had such a great time this weekend!!

  3. Looks like you ate TONS of good food this weekend! I just love doing that. ;) And I am all about that YSL quote...I love me some make up, and by like, I mean can't live without. Haha! I feel the same way when I spend any amount of time with the younger crowd, at heart I still feel like I'm young..but then I realize it's a resounding no within 5 minutes of their company.

  4. I love all of those quotes, and especially the Dove campaign picture.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I love all the quotes! I'm a new follower from the giveaway :)


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